Tree & Pest Control

Special Applications

  • Necrotic Ring Spot:  Affected areas first appear as small spots or patches of dead turf.  These patches expand to form rings, arches, and large partches up to several feet in diameter.  If not controlled, this can be devastating to all turf areas.  Treatments with fungicide are done when the fungus is active.
  • Spurge, Oxalis, Clover Treatments:  These are treated with 2 or more applications of special contact herbicide on a timely schedule.  Because of the high germination rate our treatments serve as a thinning out process. 
  • Fairy Ring Treatments:  It first appears as circles or crescents of darker green and more rapidly growing turf.  Areas vary in size from several inches to several feet.  Mushrooms or puffballs appear in the circle.  This can be treated with a special fungicide at any time during the growing season.  Two to three applications and special timing is required. 
  • Sod Web Worm Treatment:  Night flying moths are adults of this pest.  Moths drop eggs into the grass as they fly.  The eggs hatch worms that feed on the turf.  Two or more treatments of insecticide are used to control these pests. 
  • Sterilant Application:  Eradicates obnoxious weeds and grasses and sterilizes the ground to avoid further germination of weeds.  Due to environmental concerns, this service is only used in select areas.  Sterilant applications are done in the fall and must be reapplied annually.


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